Nick Valencia

Nick Valencia

Nick never expected to become a developer.


Though he’d been drawn over the years, from New York to Miami, to reimagining the potential of buildings, making the inside more fluid and the outside more thoughtful, Nick first found his focus elsewhere.

Pursuing an ethic of balance in work, wellness and spirit, he followed various avenues toward nourishing the whole self, from training as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach to joining a permaculture farming community in the wilds of Costa Rica. When he settled in California, he found a culture equally intent on conscious living, and at last let his passion for personal nurture grow into his daily purpose.

Nick began Valencia Home to create refuges that deepen sensory wellbeing in harmony with the environment. He aims for progress, not profit, cultivating a relationship with where we live so restorative that it uplifts how we live. When home answers the essential needs of its owners, it fills every day with peace and room for meaning. A more beautiful world is possible.



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