Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson

Megan was made to make beautiful things.


A skilled painter and architect schooled in environmental design, Megan spent her first decade in the field designing high-end residential and flagship retail spaces around the world, immersing herself in the intensive problem solving and coordination demanded by one-of-a-kind builds. Ready for a new challenge, she shifted her focus to construction, becoming a general contractor to master the nuances that simplify technical complexities and focus a dynamic process. Today, the full circle of her experience helps us craft thoughtfully considered spaces that connect people with greater depths of contentment.

Megan moved from North Carolina to California at the beginning of her career to deepen her disciplines in art and design, and along the way has collected community around her interests in ocean swimming, mindful cooking, growing and making. Like Nick, she thrives in oneness with nature and practices an intentional relationship with time. This quality of attention unites their purpose and process as they approach together each opportunity to create something truly unique. With deliberateness that appreciates the longevity of our choices, our moments at home can bring us more awake, more well and more fully into ourselves.



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