is elemental.

We build ecologically sound spaces to sustain, committed above all to protecting and enhancing the whole health of planet and people.


What doesn’t go into your home is as important as what does. Our meticulous selection of materials reduces our impact during construction and elevates your wellbeing after.


Clean Fundamentals

We design with minimal finishes and repurpose existing pieces whenever possible, carefully choosing what we use and how we use it to combine aesthetic power with environmental preservation.


Pure Origins

We find non-toxic materials from renewable and local sources, respecting not only the land where we build but every place we affect.



We make the most of what we’re given by building in alignment with nature, keeping temperature ideal while minimizing dependence on manufactured energy.


Effortless Climate

We design with sun and wind in mind, orienting the shape, position and structure of your house to find, hold and balance ambient heat, and strategically placing windows that automatically open to welcome breezes and passively cool.


Renewing Power

To increase self-sufficiency and shrink our footprint, we artfully embed photovoltaics to capture and store solar energy.


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